FUSO Employee Profile - Kevin Maul

Nov 14, 2020

FUSO is proud to introduce you to Kevin Maul. Kevin is FUSO’s Customer Support Supervisor. He has been with FUSO for 4 years working in the Customer Service Department. He is responsible for ensuring that product quality reporting and customer service is the primary goal.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we work, Kevin has been working remotely from his home. “The biggest change for me has been the ability to pivot from face-to-face meetings and daily communication to interacting with my team via Skype, email and instant messaging,” Kevin shared.

“Social distancing” and “Business as Usual” have been the key phrases for Kevin. He says, “Even though we are not in the office, I am still able to maintain our product quality reporting and ensure that all customer service inquiries are quickly resolved.” He manages the Technical Service Center, which is responsible for providing service assistance to dealerships and customers. “This center works to answer questions and provide the dealership technicians with solutions to keep trucks in operation,” he added. With the pandemic, it has become even more critical to ensure delivery trucks are reaching their optimal performance each day.

Kevin misses the comfortable in-office working atmosphere. Which is understandable considering the close working relationship he has with his team.  “When you love what you do, it’s easy to enjoy getting up for work every day.”

Kevin has pushed himself to work harder and smarter in an effort to improve himself while also making himself more valuable to the company and to his co-workers.  Kevin is just one of the many amazing people who “Keep the World Moving” at FUSO. Therefore, we thank him for his commitment to customer service.