FUSO Employee Profile - Danielle Link

Dec 5, 2020

FUSO is proud to introduce you to Danielle Link. Danielle is FUSO’s Import/Export Logistics Manager. She has been with in this role for about 3 years’ working in the IT department. Danielle is responsible for making sure our products are compliant with mail regulations to be shipped throughout North America and around the globe.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we work, Danielle has been working from a home office. She says, “In the beginning, air shipments were a little more difficult to their destinations”. She initially didn’t think that she would be able to accomplish anything from home. But after adjusting a few of her processes “I was surprised when I realized that I could work from anywhere.”

Danielle says it was difficult to stay away from her team that she had grown accustom to seeing and interacting with on a daily basis.  When asked about how she “Keeps the World Moving” at FUSO, She says, “Our world is always changing and I just remain calm and focus on the tasks at hand.” Danielle always enjoys a challenge and can’t wait until this is all over so she can get back to the normalcy of being around her co-workers.

Danielle is another fine example of the many amazing people who “Keep the World Moving” at FUSO. We thank her for her commitment.