FUSO Employee Profile - Bernard Gramby

Nov 21, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we work, Bernard maintains that his responsibilities and job functions have not changed. The only difference is his location as he is currently working from home. “I have not seen an enormous amount of change with my job functions. Instead of driving into the office to perform my job, I now walk over to the desk inside my home,” Bernard said.

While Bernard enjoys the convenience of working remotely, but misses his fellow co-workers and looks forward to the day when we are all back in the office again talking sports and working on our common goals. He is proud to say, “FUSO is a family.” During the pandemic, Bernard celebrated a major work milestone of 15 years with the organization.

Bernard is just one of the many amazing people who are helping to “Keep the World Moving” at FUSO. We thank him for his commitment.