FUSO Employee Profile - Mary Page

Nov 7, 2020

FUSO is proud to introduce you to Mary Page. Mary is the Materials Planner in the parts department. She has over 30 years’ experience working in multiple roles. She is responsible for making sure the Parts Department has the necessary material to provide to our dealership locations by maintaining an always-changing inventory level.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we work, Mary has been working from her home . She says, “I would find myself needing things that were generally at my disposal in the office. But after transitioning my necessary work supplies to my makeshift home office, my work day seems to be no different than before.” She has found herself relying more on tools such as Skype and instant messaging to keep the dialogue with co-workers going. “These communication tools are a vital part of the work day,” Mary added.

Mary credits her fellow team members for helping her to "Keep the world moving". She says, “The Parts Department is a strong team. With or without COVID-19, we have always maintained the highest standards of responsibility to our customers.” Mary does not feel like her team has missed a beat during this time. She says, “The only difference now is that we have to wear a mask.”

Mary is just one of the many amazing people who “Keep the World Moving” at FUSO. We thank her for her commitment.