Fuel Study


2017 FUSO FE160 DIESEL trucks are Still More Fuel Efficient Than the Competition

FUSO has once again commissioned an independent testing company, Automotive Testing & Development Services Inc. (ATDS), to compare the fuel economy of its FE160 medium-duty diesel-powered truck to the fuel economy of an equivalent Isuzu NPR-HD and a Hino 155. The full report is available below.
Fuso FE160 is the winner! 8% less fuel consumed, 10% less fuel in ECO mode
The FUSO FE160 DIESEL truck prevailed again, consuming 8 percent less fuel on average than the Hino 155, and 5 percent less than the Isuzu NPR-HD, measured over a mixed course of city, suburban and highway driving. When ECO mode was engaged on the FUSO FE160 DIESEL truck for half the runs (a feature not available on Hino or Isuzu models), the FUSO FE160’s fuel consumption improved to 10 percent less than the Hino 155, and 9 percent less than the Isuzu NPR-HD.
$1,476 savings per truck over 100,000 miles & $1,966 in ECO mode $14,760 savings per 10 trucks over 100,000 miles & 19,660 in ECO mode
That translates to a 100,000-mile savings in fuel costs for the FUSO FE160 DIESEL truck of $1,476 compared to the Hino 155 and $907 compared to the Isuzu NPR-HD. These savings result when the FUSO is operated half the time in ECO mode, based on a national average diesel fuel price of $2.509 per gallon. If the FE160 DIESEL truck is operated full time in ECO mode, the savings increase to $1,966 and $1,616, respectively.
  • *Based on third-party testing by Automotive Testing & Development Services Inc. The test was contracted specifically for the 2017 MY FE160 DIESEL truck to measure effects of new hardware, including the electrically engaged radiator fan and new emissions after-treatment equipment. Competitive models were selected based on readiness and regional commercial availability. Per respective engine emissions certifications from the EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board), engine power, torque and emissions levels for both the Isuzu and Hino models were equivalent to the latest available for each at the time of testing.
  • **Isuzu NPR-HD is a trademark of Isuzu Motors Limited. Hino is a trademark of Hino Motors, Ltd. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Hino”).