#Comes Standard

#Comes Standard

Standard features. Exceptional value.

Each new FUSO FE GAS truck comes loaded with more standard features than any cabover truck in its class. Features you need. Features you’d expect. Features that should automatically come with a premium, medium-duty work truck.

FUSO builds more value into every FE GAS truck we create. While other manufacturers drive up costs by offering these features as add-ons, we make them part of the package. And part of your savings.

Here’s a quick summary of our most popular standard features. They’re all good reasons why the FE GAS truck is the best way to move your business forward. 


1) High-visibility red seatbelts

Those bright red seatbelts are more than just a FUSO brand signature. They’re designed to assure high visibility and improve safety. The impossible-to-ignore color provides a great reminder for driver and passengers to buckle up.


2) FuelSense 2.0 with DynActive™ shifting

The Allison 1000 automatic transmission is designed for improved fuel economy. And with the added benefit FuelSense 2.0 technology and DynActive optimal shifting, the fuel efficiency gets even better. Rather than relying on fixed points on a shift table, FuelSense 2.0 uses a learning algorithm to continuously find the ideal balance of fuel economy and performance for your truck’s duty cycle. This means a 2% to 6% increase in fuel economy, depending on the application. There’s even a Neutral-at-Stop feature for additional fuel savings.


3) Cruise control

When engaged, cruise control allows drivers to maintain a consistent, legal speed without watching the speedometer. It’s a valuable safety feature that helps prevent speeding––a factor in over 50% of commercial truck accidents. Traveling at or below posted speed saves fuel and is easier on the vehicle.


4) One-touch power windows

Convenient one-touch operation helps drivers keep both hands on the wheel. Simply press the switch once and the window will travel all the way up or down.


5) Driver seat with lumbar support

We think drivers deserve special treatment. That’s why the FE GAS comes standard with a driver’s seat that features adjustable lumbar support. The ergonomic design and rugged construction help keep drivers of all sizes comfortable and alert. We’ve also increased driver seat bolstering for all-day comfort, with extended seat cushion covering for added durability.


6) Key/keyless entry

Locks and unlocks doors at the touch of a button

Keyless entry is a feature that allows vehicle access without the use of the traditional mechanical key. It provides greater security and convenience by letting the driver lock and unlock the vehicle while standing at a distance from it. A standard key is also included.


7) Open floorboard

Here’s a design upgrade that really works in your favor. We moved the shifter from the floor to the dashboard. The now-unobstructed cab floor assures plenty of space and allows more room for a third passenger. It makes getting in and out on the passenger side easier and safer, especially in heavy traffic.


8) 10 free oil changes/First 5 years or 75,000 miles.

Here’s a money-saving feature that makes a great investment even better. Each new 2019/2020/2021 FE GAS truck receives up to 10 free, standard-interval oil changes during the first 5 years or 75,000 miles. Service intervals are every 7,500 miles, or 5,000 miles for severe duty applications.


9) FusoFirst™ owner support        

When you purchase your FE GAS truck, you’re automatically enrolled in our FusoFirst program. Loaded with valuable owner-support features and services, FusoFirst provides 24/7 roadside assistance and app-based information to keep your trucks moving and on schedule. Available in the U.S. and Canada, the FusoFirst program is dedicated to helping you maximize vehicle uptime.


10) Extended Allison transmission warranty

More good news: We’ve added a 2-year extension to the standard 3-year Allison transmission warranty. Do the math, and your FE GAS truck’s transmission is now covered by a 5-year/unlimited mileage warranty, for extra peace of mind.


11) 40-gallon in-rail fuel tank

Perfect for longer routes and extended trips. The 40-gallon, rear-mounted, in-rail fuel tank has a larger capacity than most competitors. It offers greater driving range, which means fewer fuel stops during the truck’s operational life.


12) 19.5-inch tires

You asked for it, and we've heard you. Fleet Standard tires with improved availability compared to a 17.5-inch size.  Better stability, enhanced tracction and braking performance, and reduced wear are just some of the advantages of these tires.


13) Higher payload capability

Net payload is how much weight––passengers and cargo––a truck can carry in the cab and bed. The FE GAS engine delivers 297 HP with 361 lb./ft. of torque, and with our largest model that means capacity up to 11,855 lbs. That’s ideal for delivering large cargo such as furniture, frozen foods, landscaping materials, construction materials, or even heavy machinery.


14) Dual-caliper disc brakes on all wheels

You’re getting more pad and more grip all around. Which means plenty of braking performance––and confidence––in extreme situations as well as during normal stop-and-start driving. By providing disc brakes with two calipers instead of one, heat distribution to each pad is reduced, so there’s little likelihood of overheating.


15) Electro-coated frame rails

This extra step goes a long way toward protecting your chassis against corrosion. Electro-coating assures longer frame rail life and adds a clean look to the chassis. Keep in mind that your FE GAS frame rails provide additional space for toolboxes and side-mounted equipment.


16) Larger alternator – 180 amps

Higher amperage means more battery charging power––and more confidence that your electrical system is always performing at its best. At 180 amps, the FE GAS alternator is sized to easily handle the demands of the engine and all accessories. You’ll have plenty of power to operate everything from accessories to electric over hydraulic functions without depleting the battery.


17) Impact-absorbing steering column

In the event of a frontal collision, this valuable safety feature helps prevent the steering main shaft from injuring the driver. The column is engineered to absorb energy from a collision, preventing the impact force from reaching the driver. Also, doors on the FE GAS truck feature anti-crush bars that help protect cab occupants.


18) Acceleration rate management

This is a great tool for both safe driving and fuel conservation. Our acceleration rate management software helps prevent aggressive driving practices by automatically controlling engine torque and limiting vehicle acceleration to a specified rate.


19) Allison 1000 automatic transmission

Designed for smooth shifting and exceptional fuel efficiency, the Allison 1000 transmission sets the FE GAS powertrain apart from the competition. It’s a proven, commercial-grade automatic transmission that delivers Allison’s legendary reputation for reliability, durability and hill-climbing power. Ideal for the stop-and-start nature of urban delivery, the Allison 1000 is specifically engineered for the most demanding medium-duty applications.


20) Auxiliary compressor mounting bracket

This feature is used with a pad-mount type compressor for rear body refrigeration. The bracket is integrated into the front engine accessory drive as standard equipment on all FE GAS engines (both CL4 and CL5).


21) GM 6.0L, V8 gasoline engine     

The FE GAS comes standard with an industry-proven General Motors 6.0L, V8 engine. It runs on regular gasoline, generates 297 horsepower and 361 pound-feet of torque, and delivers twice the displacement of our diesel option. In addition to saving money on fuel, it also lets you avoid the complexities of diesel engine emissions and maintenance. Since all fueling stations offer regular gasoline, your drivers will have increased peace-of-mind knowing the hunt for diesel is a thing of the past.


22) Daytime running lights

It’s just common sense: The more visible you make your truck, the less chance of  having an accident. That’s why we include daytime running lights on the FE GAS. This additional safety feature makes your truck easier for other drivers to see during daylight hours, reducing the chance of collision.


23) Front collision guard system

This unique safety system is designed to help protect cab occupants in the event of a frontal impact. It also acts as an underride guard for the protection of other road users. Behind this profile, a structure of crash elements absorbs energy to help control impact forces.


24) 102”- wide mirrors

Every driver wants to see more of the world outside the cab. That’s why we include wide-angle side mirrors that dramatically increase the driver’s field of view. The 102” view provides extra visibility, keeping you safe––and compliant––on the road and at the loading dock.


25) Gasket-retained windshield

Replacing or installing a new windshield has never been easier. Our GAS trucks feature a gasket-retained windshield, in lieu of an adhesive-mounted type. This makes windshield replacement faster, easier and more reliable.


Discover these features and more at your Fuso dealer.

With more than 25 standard features included on every new FE GAS truck, you’re getting added value that no other low cab-forward truck can offer. To discover all the features, contact your nearby FUSO dealer for a tour and test drive. You’ll see how our wealth of standard features makes an exceptional truck value even better.

Fuel it like a car. Work it like a truck.