Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

  • Re-Power
  • Accessories

    FUSO parts and accessories are engineered with precise workmanship, guaranteeing quality in every detail.

    • Air Deflector

      Air Deflector

      Fits all FE and FG models (except Crew Cab) from 2005 to current model year

      • Deflector
    • Chrome Bumpers, Corners, and Grilles

      Chrome Bumpers, Corners, and Grilles

      For all FE and FG models

      • Chrome Bumper
      • Chrome Grille
      • Chrome Corner Kit
    • Engine Block & Oil Pan Heater

      Engine Block & Oil Pan Heater

      • Oil Pan Heater for '12-'15 models, 420 Watt 120 Volt 3.5 Amp
      • Block Heater for all models '87-'10
    • Floor Mats

      Floor Mats

      For '12-'16 models:

      • Carpeted: $72.15
      • Rubber: $83.04

      '96-'10 models:

      • Carpeted: $56.10 - $73.77
    • Mirror Heads

      Mirror Heads

      • West Coast, 2-in-1 Flat and Convex, Heated Option, Black or Stainless
      • Various clamp-on convex mirrors
    • Radio


      Radio/CD Player with Capabilities: Bluetooth, iPod, Siruis XM, Pandora, Detachable Faceplate:

      • For '12-'15 models
      • All '96-'10 models
    • Seat Covers

      Seat Covers

      • Driver Seat Cover – '12-16
    • Wheel Simulators

      Wheel Simulators

      • Stainless Steel Wheel Simulators, Complete Sets

    * Price listed is suggested retail, consult local Dealer for price, availability and correct part number for your VIN.

    All Makes Programs

    Mitsubishi Fuso has many different “All Makes” programs* available to its 200+ dealers in the U.S. and Canada. We offer items such as Exide batteries, Baldwin Filters, Yokohama tires, and even Exxon Mobil engine oil. If a customer has a specific need or want, our Dealers should be able to assist. Contact your local dealer for part numbers and pricing for any of these programs.

    • Baldwin Filters

      Baldwin Filters

      For all your automotive, commercial and industrial needs. Oil, fuel, air and hydraulic. Online catalog and cross reference at

    • Exide Batteries

      Exide Batteries

      Batteries for cars, trucks and off road such as golf carts and marine. Contact local dealer for more details.

    • Mobil Delvac

      Mobil Delvac

      Exxon Mobil offers engine oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, grease and anti-freeze. Synthetics also available.

    • Grote


      Safety systems products such as universal clearance, marker and utility lamps as well as replacement lenses and pigtails. They also have Warning and Hazard lights and reflectors. Online catalog at

    • Johnsen’s/Blue Magic Chemicals

      Johnsen’s/Blue Magic Chemicals

      Assorted array of chemicals such as spray cleaners, starting fluid, Blue Magic cleaning products and Pure Citrus odor eliminators. Visit their websitse for a complete list of products at and

    • Old World Blue DEF

      Old World Blue DEF

      DEF fluid available in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon containers or even 55 gallon drums if you have the need. Dealers may even have filling station on site for convenience.

    • Velvac


      Offers products for commerical trucks, buses, RV’s and specialty vehicles. Line includes: mirrors, vision systems, air products, electrical connectors and wire, brass fittings and fuel system products. View the full catalog online at

    • Yokohama


      Tires for all of your automotive and commercial truck tire needs. Your local Mitsubishi dealer can order tires direct for all of your tire needs.

    • Adenna


      Adenna Gloves – Mechanic and Industrial disposable gloves available in synthetic and latex. These gloves provide superior protection but also fit well so that you can work efficiently while keeping hands clean and healthy.

    • Monroe Shocks

      Monroe Shocks

      Shocks and Struts for medium and heavy duty commercial truck as well as car and light truck applications.

    • Northern Radiator

      Northern Radiator

      For all of your cooling system needs for light medium and heavy duty trucks applications. Radiator, condensers and charge air coolers. Visit their website at

    • Spectra Premium

      Spectra Premium

      Offers aftermarket parts for Medium and Heavy Duty applications. Such as A/C Parts, Cooling System, Fuel, Ignition, Electrical and Engine. Visit their website for complete product information.

    • Toyo Tires

      Toyo Tires

      Tires for all of your automotive and commercial truck tire needs. Your local Mitsubishi dealer can order tires direct for all of you tire needs. For tires specs visit

    * Not all programs available in Canada

    FUSO Value Parts

    Quality Parts, Value Price, Same MFTA Parts Warranty

    FUSO Value Parts is a parts selection for cost-conscious customers, specifically designed for Mitsubishi Fuso vehicles.

    • Superior filtration efficiency
    • Excellent pressure capacity
    • Wide filtration area
    • Reliable gasket material and durability
    • For use after expiration of original truck warranty
    • Parts warranty 12 months unlimited miles
    • Quality and performance approved by Mitsubishi Fuso
    • Shares superior characteristics with Genuine Parts
    • Reliable materials and performance
    • Product quality strictly checked by FUSO engineers